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Alliance Healthcare Romania progressing a sustainable future

Alliance Healthcare Romania - June 27, 2022

A sustainable future for Alliance Healthcare Romania - the sum of our everyday actions

From June 2022 in the offices and warehouses of Alloga-Chitila, Brașov, Cluj, Timișoara, Iași and Bucharest, 48.6% of the current electricity needs of our companies (Alliance Healthcare Romania, Alloga, Skills in Healthcare) will be covered by the solar energy - an optimal solution for sustainable electricity generation. This way, we will be able to reduce the carbon footprint by 6.3%, exceeding the 2.5% reduction from last year.

The project consists of the installation of solar panels with a total capacity of 1176 kWp to cover domestic consumption.

At this moment, the installation of the panels in Brașov has been completed, and will be installed in the other parts of the country during this month.

We have also installed 7 electric cars charging stations - 4 in Chitila, where it is located our main warehouse and 3 in Bucharest – that are going to be accessed by employees for free for a year, using an access platform with an username and a password.

In the same spirit of reducing the impact on the environment, we have installed water aerators in all warehouses to reduce consumption from 8 to 3 litres / minute.

"With each of these projects, we aim to transform our company from a simple Consumer to a Prosumer, that is producers of energy from renewable sources. All of these projects, as well as the future ones, will help us reduce our impact on the environment.” Iulian Trandafir, CEO Alliance Healthcare Romania.

Solar panels        Solar panels