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Streamlining the clinical trial journey with global solutions.

Streamlining the clinical trial journey with global solutions.

Quality and reach.

Effective support at each stage of your clinical trial

Alcura is our specialist business unit that offers an extensive range of highly specialized clinical trial solutions. Alcura can provide you with the global reach, quality and expertise you need to optimize your clinical trial operations. We offer a wider variety of clinical trial solutions than most other providers, and with a single point of contact every step of the way, you can count on a more streamlined and integrated process.

Comparator sourcing

Sourcing comparator products for clinical trials is a costly, highly regulated process. With Alcura’s group buying power, enabled through Walgreens Boots Alliance, we can help reduce costs and improve availability. Depending on your needs, we purchase directly from manufacturers to ensure integrity of supply, while we also buy in trusted, affordable regions including full documentation, helping to keep your costs down.

Integrated logistics solutions

From storage and distribution to returns and destructions, products used in clinical trials often have complex logistics requirements. Alcura offers solutions to ensure a simplified, efficient process. Our best-in-class facilities are certified in Good Distribution Practices (GDP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Clinical Practices (GCP) and ISO 9001: 2008. 

Packaging services

Alcura can develop tailored clinical trial solutions for your diverse packaging needs. We’re fully licensed and maintain strict adherence to European quality standards, and our skilled packaging team can produce packs at each stage of the research and development process, helping to keep your overall costs down.

Patient recruitment support

Recruiting patients for medical trials can be a major challenge, causing many trials to be delayed or fail before they’ve even got off the ground. Through our unique global pharmacy network – featuring over 9,000 pharmacies across Europe and 8,000 pharmacies in the USA – we can help your company avoid these types of risks by driving awareness and providing support for patients taking part in your clinical trials.

Project management and design

By improving the design, execution, and administration of your clinical trials, you can increase your chances of success. Drawing upon our extensive experience of logistics and supply chain management, Alcura offers significant clinical trial expertise, with over 500 clinical trials managed each year.

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