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Optimizing the treatment experience through patient support services.

Optimizing the treatment experience through patient support services.

Tailored solutions.

Personalized, innovative solutions to improve patient care.

Through Alcura, our service dedicated to patient care, we help pharmaceutical companies and hospitals optimize their patient support services to improve medicine adherence and healthcare outcomes. We can build out individual solutions for your company’s diverse needs, so no matter what your patients require in terms of continuing support, Alcura can help you make sure that they get the best outcome.

Homecare assistance

In selected countries, Alcura provides a range of homecare assistance services, including nursing care, patient training, and compounding/pre-packed monitoring dosage systems. We take a patient-centric approach, offering various specialist treatments designed primarily for patients with chronic conditions to use at home.

With our extensive logistics expertise, we can offer solutions to maximize patients’ convenience, including home delivery of treatments and medical supplies, bespoke packaging and clinical waste collection.

Medicine adherence programs

Alcura offers personalized medicine adherence programs that can help patients achieve the optimum outcomes for their health, including patient training and counseling via call center or nurses. Our centralized model enables us to tailor each solution to each manufacturer, helping you to demonstrate the value of your products to payors.

In-pharmacy professional services

Through Alphega Pharmacy, Alliance Healthcare provides several in-pharmacy patient support services, including seasonal and health awareness campaigns, screenings, and vaccinations in selected countries. This can drive patients to take a proactive attitude to their health, helping them lead healthier, happier lives by diagnosing and treating medical issues at an early stage.

Alphega Pharmacy app

The Alphega Pharmacy app can provide manufacturers with increased access to patients, from sharing content about your brand to promoting healthcare services. Within a relevant context, this can be an excellent way to boost brand awareness and product visibility.

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