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Improving customer service through our pharmacy network.

Improving customer service through our pharmacy network.

Professional, proactive support.

Joining the leading independent pharmacy network in Europe

Alphega Pharmacy provides pharmacists with a broad selection of services, designed to support your dual role as a healthcare provider and an entrepreneur, optimize patient care, and drive customer satisfaction. More than 6,800* independent pharmacies across 10** different countries have already joined this leading European pharmacy network. Here’s why.

Stronger brand profile

Alphega Pharmacy is synonymous with trust and reliability in the healthcare sector. Branding is a key element of this, and an instrumental part of driving recognition among patients and consumers. By joining the Alphega Pharmacy network, you can gain a strong visual identity that is highly attractive to consumers, while preserving your identity as an independent pharmacist. 

Professional training and patient care

Alphega offers an extensive range of training courses focused on giving pharmacies the tools they need to better perform their healthcare roles within the community. Furthermore, Alphega’s proactive training includes practical education modules on issues like weight management, diabetes, and smoking cessation, helping you to anticipate the needs of your patients.

Retail support services and supply advantages

Optimizing your retail operations on top of providing exceptional patient care can be a challenge. One of the key benefits of joining Alphega’s European pharmacy network is access to a range of retail support services. We’ll provide an audit of your business, including advice on marketing, HR, and category management, as well as a tailored planogram to maximize Point-of-Sale (POS) impact. Plus, you’ll benefit from sell-out dynamization schemes to help increase turnover.

Pharmacy management and IT support

Alphega also offers a broad range of pharmacist coaching services, giving you support and advice when it comes to merchandising, staff management, and supplier negotiations. We’ll also provide you with advantages around capturing relevant market data, which can help you maintain a competitive advantage.


In addition to Alphega’s professional training services, membership of the Alliance Healthcare network provides you with access to a wide range of e-learning programs. From building additional competencies and optimizing the quality of advice you’re able to provide to your patients, Alphega’s e-learning resources can help your pharmacy adapt to an increasingly challenging market.

*As at August 31, 2019

**As at October 31, 2019

Professional healthcare services

Alphega Pharmacy will support you with a range of in-pharmacy professional services, including screenings, tests and vaccinations (in selected countries). Plus, with our seasonal and health awareness campaigns we drive proactive health management among your customers, enabling them to lead healthier, happier lives. These services in combination with our range of digital tools will help you to continuously engage your customers.

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