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Optimizing pharmaceutical wholesale and distribution.

Optimizing pharmaceutical wholesale and distribution.

Healthcare solutions across the business cycle.

What we do

Alliance Healthcare provides an international focus for healthcare manufacturers, pharmacies, doctors, health centers, and hospitals.


Our offering

Alliance Healthcare offers a broad range of healthcare solutions. If you’re a healthcare company, we can support your business at every stage of the value chain, from clinical trials during product development and launch to patient support, marketing, and the healthcare supply chain. 

If you’re a pharmacist, we offer solutions from wholesale distribution to patient support and pharmacy management. The wide selection of services is designed to boost customer satisfaction, optimize patient care and compliance, and support your role as a healthcare provider and an entrepreneur.

We also offer services for healthcare practitioners, including medical institutions, doctors, and hospitals. Whether you require wholesale support, medical supplies, or additional patient support, Alliance Healthcare’s services can help you meet the increasing demands associated with patient care.

*As at August 31 2020

Alliance Healthcare brands

The Pharmaceutical Wholesale Division includes multiple service and product brands, designed to provide solutions across the healthcare value chain.

Alliance Healthcare

Alliance Healthcare is one of the top three pharmaceutical wholesalers in market share in many of the individual countries in which we operate.


Alloga is a pan-European provider of contract logistics in the healthcare sector, offering supply chain solutions with international reach and scale.


Whether you need help with clinical trials or patient support, Alcura provides tailored solutions to healthcare companies and professionals.

Skills in Healthcare

Skills in Healthcare provides a range of marketing and sales solutions to support with brand growth, including sell-in, sell-out, and data & insights.

Alphega Pharmacy

Alphega Pharmacy is the leading network of independent pharmacists in Europe, supporting members as both healthcare providers and entrepreneurs.


Alvita offers a range of affordable, pharmacy-quality patient care products that are an attractive alternative to leading brands.


Almus provides high-quality generic medicines in functional packaging, specifically designed to aid dispensing.


YourGoodSkin is a range of skincare products developed by our team of leading dermatologists and co-created with a community of real women.

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