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Recognising and celebrating pharmacists in Turkey on National Pharmacists’ Day, 14th May 2022

Alliance Healthcare in Turkey - May 13, 2022

Tomorrow May 14th is National Pharmacists’ Day in Turkey.  Dating back to 1839, this important day is recognized by all players in the health sector, the Government and private sector and annually for the past 183 years recognises and celebrates pharmacists in Turkey.

In order to celebrate our pharmacist customers’ special day, Alliance Healthcare in Turkey is carrying out various activities. We take our responsibility to sustainability very importantly and as part of our responsibility to create healthier futures, the business started planting activities in 2018. Now in its fifth year and in partnership with Local Pharmacy Chambers, planting activities have been implemented in various provinces in Turkey.

National Pharmacy Day in Turkey

Selim Taşo, the Managing Director of Alliance Healthcare Turkey said: “We started our tree planting activities four years ago, on   May 14th National Pharmacists’ Day 2018. We organize these activities together with the Local Pharmacy Chambers to identify the deforested areas that need attention and plant our saplings in the areas deemed appropriate by the Ministry of Forestry. To date, we carried out the planting activities in 15 regions and by the end of this year, we will have approximately 30,000 trees planted throughout Turkey. Our goal is to cover the whole of the country with new regions added every year. We would like to make our contribution to create healthier futures and leave a better world for our children.”

Selim Taso

Learn more by watching this video.