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World Pharmacist Day: Celebrating the changing face of modern pharmacy to create healthier futures

AmerisourceBergen - September 25, 2022

Pharmacists from across the globe have shared their thoughts on the changing role of pharmacy as part of celebrations to mark International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) World Pharmacist Day 2022.

27 pharmacists from across the globe within the AmerisourceBergen family, have contributed to a digital book of celebration, which aims to highlight the changing role of pharmacists and how they can create healthier futures. Pharmacists are no longer just ‘chemists’ – some pharmacists are now able to diagnose, treat and prescribe for patients who traditionally may have needed to see a doctor or GP. Others are guardians of their local community – keeping an eye on vulnerable patients who may not have regular contact with other healthcare professionals. During the COVID-19 pandemic they stepped up to support stretched healthcare systems, with many taking a leading role in the world-wide response. This has evolved further with more and more pharmacists offering vaccination services for COVID-19, as well as flu, chicken pox and ‘holiday’ vaccinations. This changing role of pharmacists is helping them unite to create healthier futures.

Richard Tremonte, EVP & President, US Pharmaceuticals & Animal Health at AmerisourceBergen said: “As a business we’re united in our responsibilities to create healthier futures and we support pharmacists across the globe. Pharmacy is changing – it’s an innovative profession and service that can offer holistic healthcare support, which will ultimately help us create a healthier world.

“The resounding message from every pharmacist we spoke to as part of our digital book of celebration is that pharmacists have more to give – to their patients, their communities and to their healthcare systems. The book is a testament to the continued evolution of pharmacy that has escalated even in spite of the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our pharmacy customers have cemented their role as capable, trusted and accessible providers that deliver exceptional patient care through meaningful health and wellness services beyond dispensing.

“We take our role in supporting pharmacists and pharmacy seriously’ said Juan Guerra, SVP and Managing Director at Alliance Healthcare.  “Through our professional Alphega Pharmacy and Good Neighbor Pharmacy networks, our pharmacists have access to Business Mentors and specialist advisors who can support pharmacists as they look to expand and diversify their businesses. Not only that, but our wholesaler arm ensures they have timely access to the medications that are life saving for their patients.”

The book, which was developed as part celebrations for the International Federation of Pharmacists’ (FIP) World Pharmacist Day, which this year is focusing on “pharmacy united in action for a healthier world” - also highlights how pharmacists have a key role in creating a healthier world and keeping our communities fit and healthy.

 “We know that the key to a healthier world is illness prevention” continued Guerra. “The pharmacists featured in our first digital book show clearly how their role is uniquely placed to do this. Pharmacists are often the first port of call for a mum worried about a rash on their young baby or they may notice a regular customer has a new lingering cough and suggest they may need some treatment. In many countries, pharmacies are administering vaccines, carrying out basic diagnostic testing, supporting patients to quit smoking, and providing a signpost service for patients requiring additional advice and support. Pharmacists provide a vital community service – everywhere.

“Helping patients to get the healthcare they need before it becomes an emergency is becoming a clear part of the modern role of pharmacy and pharmacists, and I am delighted that our book celebrates a new era for pharmacists across the globe.”

You can read the digital book in full here: as well as watch a video from our pharmacists wishing colleagues around the globe a Happy World Pharmacist Day!

Juan Guerra Rich Tremonte