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Alliance Healthcare Spain hosts next event in its series of the Alliance Healthcare Innovation Talks

Alliance Healthcare in Spain - June 22, 2022

Alliance Healthcare was proud to recently host its latest Alliance Healthcare Innovation Talk in Seville.  

Innovation expert, Enrique Dans - "Innovation is key to driving community pharmacy in Andalusia" 

  • More than 100 communitypharmacies in Seville attend a dialogue between technologyexperts, which addresses the innovation of pharmacies, through digitalization
  • Enrique Dans, Professor of Innovation at IE Business School and the University of Oxford and "best influencer" according to Forbes, one of the protagonists of the conference
  • Alliance Healthcare has promoted various services to empower the pharmacy, such as the telemedicineplatform for veterinary consultations or the expansion of references in new categories of pet product
Innovation Talks

Alliance Healthcare, a global healthsolutions companywith a history of more than 100 years in Spanish pharmaceuticaldistribution, has held the second edition of its Innovation Talks in Seville, a series of dialogues to discuss and reflect on innovation in communitypharmacy, which has been attended bymore than 100 representatives of the main offices of pharmacy of this city.

On this occasion, participating in the debate were experts in innovation and technology David Cierco, executive director of the Digital Alliance 2030 Foundation, and Enrique Dans, professor of Innovation and Senior Advisor in Innovation and Digital Transformationat IE Business School. Dans is also a visiting  professor at the University of Oxford, an advisor to several startups and  establishedcompanies, and a regular contributorto numerous national and international media ontopics related to the network and technology, which he writes daily since 2003 in a blog of the most popular in the world on innovation.

In his speech, Enrique Dans highlighted the value of innovation to promote Andalusian community pharmacy.  In this sense, according to Dans, "technology has become part of the day to day of society and is generating continuous changes in the market" and, therefore, "the pharmacy, as  a business with futureprojection, must adopt this technological evolution, especially since the technological variable has a growingrelevance among the new generations of patients."  Regarding this aspect, the expertstressed that "digital tools will progressively bringgreat advantages to the pharmaceutical sector, with a patient who will have a more role active in the monitoring of their health and a pharmacy that will reinforce their role of advising the patient and, in this way, will gain greater responsibility in the National Health System".

For his part, David Cierco has stated that "the  digital transformation is taking place at great speed and for the pharmacy to successfully face this process it needs to establish alliances with companiesthat provide you with the  necessary technologicaltools". Cierco added that "the  Spanish communitypharmacy will continue to evolve if it is able to raise the digital training of its pharmacists so that they fully access  the opportunities that  offers innovation."

Empower pharmacies

At the close of the event, Remedios Parra, Manufacturers and Pharmacies Director at Alliance Healthcare, wanted to underline that "the development of innovation is one of the responsibilities of Alliance Healthcare as a  company, which we apply in the traditional distributionbusiness, as well as at all stages of the lifecycle of the drug, including those to improve the managementitself in the pharmacy."

With innovation as the axis of growth, Parra stressed that "Alliance Healthcare has incorporated innovation in different services that contribute to  empowering the pharmacy, suchas the platformof telemedicine, which reinforces the pharmacist in its positioning asa health center, or the incorporation of new product categories that are on the rise in the market, such as veterinary, which has great growth potential."

For his part, Manuel Jiménez Lara, head of sales of the South Zone at Alliance Healthcare, has pointed out that "companies linked to health are  facing a  challenging and excitingmoment, in which we must advance towards the consolidation of the new role asa health center of the  Andalusianpharmacy, through technologicalinnovation, with tools such as telemedicine". In this way, Jiménez added that "with this session, Alliance Healthcare promotes dialogue and conversation around the opportunities that technology can bring to new demands and needs of citizenship".

Second edition of the Innovation Talks

The Innovation Talks are a series of conferences, which emerged with the aim of encouraging reflection and debate and inspiring the  communitypharmacy sector in the adoption of innovation, to reinforce its competitiveness within the health caresystem. The first session was held in Viladecans (Barcelona),  within the framework of the inauguration of the new corporate headquarters and logisticscenter of Alliance Healthcare in this municipality.  In this second edition, the Innovation Talks have moved to Seville to continue strengthening the collaboration network between  communitypharmacies throughout the Spanishterritory and, in special, those of Andalusia. Manuel Jiménez recalled that the will of Alliance Healthcare is "to continue offering pharmacies this space for the exchange of ideas, convinced  that the perspectives that are shared during the  talks reinforce pharmacists in the task of meeting the needs of citizens."

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