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Driving forward health and safety excellence in our warehouses

Alloga UK - July 14, 2022

Health and safety is our number one priority and ensuring our teams, customers and members of the public stay safe at all time is something we take extremely seriously.  

Coinciding with the recent National Forklift Safety Day, colleagues in Alloga UK took the opportunity to run a week long event to promote and raise awareness of strict compliance and adherence to all policies and procedures in place to ensure the health and safety of all.

Additional safety information and signage was installed in addition to existing materials to serve as a constant reminder of the need to stay vigilant and alert when operating machinery, be aware of the consequences of actions and prevent avoidable accidents.

In a special seminar, the team welcomed guest speakers Lisa Ramos and David Garton who shared first hand experiences.  Regretfully Lisa was involved in an accident with a forklift which brought about life changing repercussions and they spoke about how accidents of this kind impact lives, not only for the injured party, but also their family and friends. The eye opening session was referred to as 'Powerful' and 'Impactful' by audience members.

Guest speakers

In addition as a business that strives for continuous improvement, Alloga along with its partner DH Training hosted a competition day inviting colleagues to present outstanding health and safety practices in Powered Pallet Truck (PPT) Operation. This PPT Safety Operating Competition was an opportunity for team members to demonstrate and indeed gain recognition for their exemplary operating standards and showcase their best practice skills.

Partners from DH Training commented:  “Thank you Alloga for your hospitality, we really appreciate you inviting us to get involved in your safety week. Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Just a note I want to congratulate your training team and all the operators for the high standards we witnessed throughout the day. I was very impressed that all the delegates went to perform a pre-use check prior to mounting the machine, even though this was an organised activity. 5** on this.“

Although the first event of its kind, due to its response, feedback and success Alloga looks forward to hosting more similar events in the future and driving continuous development of its team members in this critical area.