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Taking control of your pharmaceutical supply chain.

Taking control of your pharmaceutical supply chain.

International scale, local expertise.

Pharmaceutical wholesale with global reach

Working with an experienced partner like Alliance Healthcare could be the best option for optimizing your pharmaceutical supply chain, providing you with global reach combined with our logistics expertise. With our unique heritage within the pharmaceutical wholesale sector, Alliance Healthcare has the breadth of experience to support your business in a range of areas.

Market penetration

Serving over 115,000* points of care across Europe, we offer an international reach that few other pharmaceutical wholesalers can match. This enables you to quickly build out your distribution, and with high pharmacy/patient engagement, you can ensure that your product gets into the hands of patients and consumers as quickly as possible. 


Distribution channels

Alliance Healthcare offers access to all key channels, including hospitals and pharmacies. We deliver up to twice a day in some markets and our quality-centric approach combined with logistics expertise ensures safe, prompt, and efficient transportation for your products. With over 100 years of experience, as well as around 14 million square feet of warehouse distribution space, Alliance Healthcare is a pharmaceutical wholesale partner for the long run.

Alphega Pharmacy Network

Alliance Healthcare provides access to Alphega Pharmacy, the leading network of independent pharmacists in Europe with over 6,800* members in 10** countries. Alphega Pharmacy offers tailored solutions to ensure product availability through our supply chain solutions. With Alphega Pharmacy you can also increase visibility of your products, for example by participating in our category management, promotional calendar, professional healthcare services and of course our very own Alphega loyalty program ‘myclub Alphega’. Last but not least, Alphega offers learning and development platforms to support knowledge of products and advice for patients and consumers.

Account management

At Alliance Healthcare, we make everything as simple as possible, with a dedicated account manager providing continuity of service. Plus, online access for ordering and account management ensures that everything you need to manage your pharmaceutical supply chain is in one place and easy to use.

* as at August 31, 2019

** as at October 31, 2019

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