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Informing strategies through pharmacy data.

Informing strategies through pharmacy data.

Customized reporting.

Mining data to understand your patients and consumers

Partnering with Alliance Healthcare can give your business unparalleled insights into customers and patients. Pharmacy data helps you make insight-led decisions about your commercial needs and strategies, while patient-driven research ensures that customers and patients remain right at the heart of your business. 

Pharmacy data

Through Alphega Pharmacy and Skills in Healthcare, your business can gain access to the pharmacy insights that matter. Alliance Healthcare’s extensive retail coverage ensures robust data, enabling you to make informed and well-managed choices when it comes to your business.

With access to a large number of pharmacies, Skills in Healthcare offers a range of mystery shopping opportunities, providing your business with the opportunity to monitor how your messages to pharmacists are being received, and whether your products are being recommended.

In addition, bespoke post-activity analysis allows you to measure ROI, keep track of your KPIs, monitor pharmacy sales data, and compare your performance with your competitors. When it comes to maintaining a competitive advantage in a challenging market, this type of pharmacy data is crucial.

Pharmacy and consumer insights

Alliance Healthcare also offers access to an extensive database of fully profiled pharmacy customers. Depending on your company’s needs, you can conduct surveys with pharmacists, patients and consumers or organize focus groups with pharmacists. With these data-driven pharmacy insights, you can identify opportunities for further patient support and align your business for more effective, targeted activities.

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