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Helping you offer more than dispensing.

Helping you offer more than dispensing.

360-degree patient support.

Supporting pharmacies through added value services

At Alliance Healthcare, we understand that much more goes into running a pharmacy than meets the eye. From in-pharmacy services to homecare support, dispensing prescriptions is just one part of the bigger picture. That’s why we offer a range of added-value services, designed to support your pharmacy in two fundamental areas.

Patient Care

Alliance Healthcare can help you provide holistic support to your patients. Through Skills in Healthcare and Alphega, we offer in-house training for pharmacists and pharmacy staff, enabling you to provide bespoke patient education. In addition, we can arrange additional support for in-pharmacy services like screenings and vaccinations in several countries.

We also offer extensive homecare support through Alcura, increasing your capacity to provide assistance to patients participating in clinical trials. Furthermore, Alcura can support pharmacies with patient assistance regarding medical supplies from nutrition care to wound care.

Retail and hospital pharmacists can take advantage of a range of additional services from Alcura. We can help you supply patients with pre-prepared packaging, improving patient adherence and simplifying the medication management process. We can also arrange the manufacture and delivery of bespoke medications for pharmacies across Europe.

Pharmacy Management

Alliance Healthcare can also help you manage your pharmacy as a business. Through the Alphega Pharmacy network, your pharmacy can take advantage of a broad range of business management solutions, including financial guidance and financing schemes. In some markets, we provide market data to help with stock planning and benchmark category performance against the market.

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